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globe-SmallIFT provides service to:

  • graduates from secondary international schools who are going on for further education in their "home" country or another host country,
  • international students and staff (and accompanying families) entering North American colleges and universities,
  • international students planning to return to their home country after college / university,
  • college / university students planning to study abroad

International students face a variety of challenges when they arrive for study. They must:

  • deal with the cycle of transition and associated stress of leaving home
  • learn new cultures – that of the college / university as well as the host country
  • find an appropriate mentor to help them enter well and introduce them to the new culture
  • make new friends and build relationships
  • maintain their own cultural identity

IFT takes a close look at the psychosocial aspects of making an international move through a variety of workshops.

  • The highly successful Transitioning Successfully for University seminar for international schools gives students leaving for college / university strategies for "leaving well to enter well", riding out the cycle of transition, countering culture stress, making new friends and learning to live in the ‘now’ rather than in the past and gives them the confidence they need to accept the challenge of the new.
  • Mid-Semester Tune Up for international students 6-8 weeks into their first college semester. This workshop is orchestrated to coincide with the realities of culture shock when they are beginning to settle in. It is designed to help students understand and normalize the quagmire of emotions associated with the transition cycle and subsequent grief.
  • Customized workshops for colleges and universities, their international student groups and other organizations who work closely with international students to address the psychosocial issues surrounding international relocations.
  • Workshops for "Third Culture Kids" (TCKs), students who have been living outside of their passport country for a significant part of their developmental years. TCKs must learn to reenter the "home" culture because, in many aspects, it is foreign to them. These students need as much, if not more help making the transition as do the students coming straight from their own countries. They are what the experts call "hidden immigrants" and often have trouble understanding their home country peers. Although they may look and sound like their fellow countrymen, they tend to think and / or act differently from them and have a broader base of experience and world view.

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