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Useful Websites


Interaction International - www.interactionintl.org - Teenage and adult third culture kids, missionaries and families.

TCK World - www.TCKworld.com- Military, corporate and families, adult and teenage third culture kids.

TCKid.com - www.tckid.com - a non-profit community of over 21,000 members dedicated to help third culture kids connect and find a sense of belonging.

My TCKid - www.MyTCKid.com- An internet community for and about TCKs. Has chats, pod casts, forums, webinars and much more.

TCK Academy - www.TCKacadmey.com- training programs and teleclasses featuring TCK experts.

College with Confidence - www.collegewithconfidence.com - a U.S.-based comprehensive psychotherapy service that supports parents and young adults through the college experience.

Military Brats - www.militarybrats.com - specific to children of military personnel.

Misionary Kids - www.missionary-kids.blogspot.com - specific to children of missionaries.

MK Planet - www.mkplanet.com - specific to children of missionaries.

Mukappa - www.mukappa.org - specific to children of missionaries.

Foreign Service Youth Foundation - fsyf.org - information for children of U.S. State Department employees.

TS College Tours - www.tscollegetours.com - offer tours of colleges in Northeast USA, California and Canada to international students along with evening seminars at no additional cost.

Money Matters: A guide to teaching finances to children - www.businesscreditcards.com/bootstrapper/money-matters-a-guide-to-teaching-finances-to-children/



Just Landed - www.justlanded.com - country information for expatriates or those considering expatriating.

Interchange Insitute - www.interchangeinstitute.org - a not for profit research organization whose mission is to promote dialogue and facilitate understanding between people who move to a new country and their new communities. Offers the Training of Trainers' program Crossing Cultures with competence - www.interchangeinstitute.org/html/ccc.htm.

Transition Dynamics -www.transition-dynamics.com - a consultancy serving the international expatriate and repatriate community.

RNG International Educational Consultants - www.rebeccagrappo.com - work with TCKs and other international students on all aspects of educational planning, including college counseling.

International Therapist Directory - www.internationaltherapistdirectory.com - find a therapist who understands the expat experience and can work with TCKs.



Among Worlds Magazine by Interaction International - addresses adult TCK (ATCK) issues.

Interact Magazine by Interaction International - magazine for TCKs, their parents.

International Family Magazine - www.internationalfamilymag.com - where family members worldwide can share their stories.


Third Culture Person Reacculturation Rubric - tool for charting reacculturation progress. Can be ordered directly through Dr. Rachel Timmons at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

DVD on TCKs' search for identity - "Neither Here Nor There" by film director/producer/editor, Emma Ryan Yamazaki - www.neitherherenorthere-thefilm.com

DVD on the "Hidden Immigrant" experience - "The Road Home" by film director and producer, Rahul Gandotra - www.roadhomefilm.com

Culture Buff Games - a fun and engaging way to learn about culture. Historical and contemporary cultural cartoons with detailed explanations. www.culturebuffgames.com