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IFT will customize any training to meet your students’, parents’, or staff’s individual needs. The following is just a sampling of the possibilities:

Transitioning Successfully for University

A seminar for teen and young adult third culture kids (TCKs - children who have been raised outside their parents’ home culture) that includes a separate session for parents. Can be done in a variety of time table formats including successive half-day workshops, one, two or three –day seminars, two successive weekend days, or custom designed to fit into the school’s academic schedule. (A similar workshop can be done for repatriating teens attending high school in their home country.)

Click here to download the Transitioning Successfully for University brochure for details.

Custom designed sessions for colleges’ and universities’ International Orientation Programs such as:

  • Cultural Competency for College
  • Understanding the values of your host country
  • Understanding what takes place in transition and making the adjustment successfully
  • Making friends with an American and other internationals
  • Understanding U.S. classroom culture
  • Health, safety, and well-being
  • Preparing to go home - re-entry

Trainings for mixed domestic and international student populations that highlight the benefits of diversity in the classroom.

The Mid-Semester Transition Tune Up

A short workshop for TCKs and / or other international students who are coming up for air after the dust of the transition stage of relocation has settled. This is the time when feelings of homesickness, loneliness, self-doubt and tendencies to self-isolate kick in. This session reviews the five very predictable stages of transition, normalizes the quagmire of emotions that accompany each stage and gives tools and strategies for managing the challenges.

Custom designed seminars, webinars, and workshops for parents, teachers and counselors on various issues of international living:

  • Adjusting to Living Abroad
  • Why Does a Cross-Cultural Childhood Matter? The challenges and benefits of an international upbringing
  • Who are You? Having the TCK Language
  • Thriving in Transition
  • Transition / Reentry Workshops – Leave Well to Enter Well
  • Staff Development: TCKs in the Classroom
  • International Parenting
  • Paving the way for successful expatriation / repatriation
  • Multiple relocations – How to Ease the Grief

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