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I really enjoyed [Tina Quick's presentation to parents] and had to fight back some tears on a couple of occassions. I thought it was very worthwhile. I'm glad she was able to talk with the students during the day, which is a great service as well.It sounds like a good idea to get a copy of her book for all graduating seniors. This was very informative and helpful for students and parents.

~ Parent, Yokohama International School, Yokohama, Japan

I felt that I was not alone. We were all global nomads in that room that night. I learned that it is never too late to start helping my grade 12 son acauire everyday skills before he takes off for college. Thank you,

~ Rania, Parent Yokohama International School, Yokohama, Japan

Tina Quick's presentation provided me with so many ideas for helping children cope with the fluctuating, expat-lifestyle. These ideas can also be passed on to parents and teachers. I highly recommend her workshop for anyone living abroad or returning home.

~ Elementary School Counselor, St Mary's International School, Tokyo, Japan

Thank you so much for the great workshop on Third Culture Kids. Your presentation was well on target with our student population, a lot of them being cross cultural kids who leave the school environment at the end of the day to return back home to a different cultural environment. The wealth of information provided, the great examples and the fun and entertaining presentation style created this a very worthwhile seminar. My colleagues and I have already started discussing how to implement a couple of your suggestions into our school life. I can highly recommend this workshop.

~ Middle/High School Counselor, St Mary's International School, Tokyo, Japan

Tina Quick's presentation drew the biggest audience we've had for a consultant such as this. Parents found the presentation informative, timely and useful. It was a welcome, supportive message to help them focus on what is important for their children in their busy family lives.

~ School Administrator, St Mary's International School, Tokyo, Japan

Tina Quick, a powerful author and experienced practitioner in the area of transitions - particularly Third Culture Kids (TCKs) or Global Nomads - recently spent a week with the students, staff, and parents of the Anglo-American School of Moscow. The accolades for her message and time with us continue unabated weeks after her departure. Her message was a logical extension of the work we all do on a daily basis serving unique student needs in the international school setting. Tina's experience was evident in her cogent presentations - each honed to meet the specific needs of the particular audience while weaving important common themes. Our oldest students in particular appreciated her messages of thoughtful preparation for the transition from high school to college, a more significant challenge for Global Nomads when compared to their domestic counterparts. Whether in a formal setting or casual conversation, Tina provided an inspirational tone and a positive message for all our constituents. We consider Tina a newfound friend and look forward to her eventual return with great anticipation.

~ Jon P. Zurfluh, Director AAS

I found the [Transitioning Successfully for University] workshop very effective in giving our students a real sense of their special identity as well as how to fit in to a mono-cultural setting. Tina’s expertise can greatly benefit our students and ensure they go to university with a much better idea of the challenges ahead beyond the academics. I am fully convinced of the utility of this course.

~ Robyn Tyner, IB Coordinator, International School of Geneva

One of the great things about Tina’s workshops is her way of connecting with students . She makes it a safe environment for them to share, learn and leave feeling like they are not alone, they are going to be successful, and there are plenty of resources to help them. From her personal experience, she understands all the issues that students might face as they transition to new environments and gives them tools and tips for when they encounter some of these transitional issues.

~ Mary Dutkiewicz, Associate Dean, Simmons College School of Management, Academic Programs

I wish someone had come to my classroom when I was in high school to talk with us about TCK re-entry issues. It would have saved me years of suffering.

~ Brice Royer, Founder

I wish I had known about this seminar before I made the transition. It would definitely have helped me understand the adjustment reactions I went through and made it easier.

~ S.I., American TCK from Kings College

  • Brings certain issues to my attention and provides ideas and resources that might help [in my university transition].
  • Opened me up to things which wouldn’t have caught my attention otherwise and can help me in the future.
  • It put words on my fears and helped me overcome them.
  • The fact that there was a seminar on the way I felt told me that what I am feeling is normal.

~ International School of Geneva students’ comments from the ‘Transitioning Successfully University’ seminar

Tina Quick has engaged students from around the world in lively and stimulating discussions about the challenges of international relocation and transition. With clarity, candor, and humor she expertly draws upon her 15 years as an expatriate to present vivid examples of situations one might encounter, and offers valuable guidelines to prepare for and deal with life in different cultures.

~ Sheila M. Puffer, Ph.D., Walsh Research Professor, Cherry Family Senior Fellow of International Business, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

At every age, we experience transitions- this seminar is beneficial to everyone at any stage of life. Every high school student NEEDS this course to graduate, but they won't realize it until they are millions of miles from home."

~ Pat McKinzie Parent and Educator, International School of Geneva

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