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About IFT

IFT addresses the special issues faced by Third Culture Kids (TCKs), children who have spent a significant part of their formative years outside their parents’ culture as well as the academic, psychological, cultural and emotional challenges foreign nationals face when coming to the U.S. to study. IFT has programs, seminars and trainings for students and parents and those who support them in making successful transitions to their home countries or other host countries for high school or college / university.

IFT works with international schools, colleges and universities in the United States and abroad to help their international student and TCK student populations make successful transitions.

Mission Statement

IFT’s mission is to empower third culture kids and other international students to negotiate international transitions and turn them into successful adventures through cultural training, seminars, workshops and individual counseling.

Vision Statement

International students will:

  • gain a sense of control over their international relocation by understanding the road blocks that can occur and how to negotiate them successfully.
  • learn how to thrive in their home away from home.
  • be equipped with a road map for how to be successful and happy in college or university.
  • carry with them a degree of self-knowledge and self-respect that will launch them into their futures.
  • better understand themselves, their reactions and their resources as they adjust to their new life situations.
  • make the most of their international/intercultural experience.

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