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International Family Transitions (IFT) is a comprehensive service that specializes in helping: (1) students who have been living outside their passport countries (Third Culture Kids) successfully manage their transition to college / university whether they are returning to their home country or going on to another host country and (2) foreign nationals who plan to study in the U.S. whether it is for some or all of their high school years and/or university. IFT also provides resources to those who support TCKs and other international students on the receiving end.

Did you know that Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and foreign nationals who have studied abroad...

  • commonly report feeling different from their home-country peers?
  • are likely to struggle with issues of identity and belonging?
  • most commonly complain about not fitting in with their peers at college?
  • often times suffer adjustment issues leading to isolation, loneliness and depression?

The Good News is…

  • TCKs are a wonderful kind of different. Their international upbringing has given them a broadened world view, a unique skill set, a bevy of languages, and incredible experiences most of their home-country peers can only dream of.
  • students who understand that they are different and manage to live with those differences in a positive way really do thrive in their new surroundings.
  • with specialized training both TCKs and foreign nationals can successfully navigate the upheaval associated with an international relocation.


International Family Transitions is an owner operated company focused on helping meet the needs of students relocating internationally for college or university, whether it be U.S. citizens going overseas, foreign nationals coming to live and study in the U.S. or students currently living outside their passport country (click here for more information on “Third Culture Kids) but planning to move back ‘home’ for tertiary education.

IFT’s founder, Tina Quick is a cross-cultural trainer and international speaker. She has served on the Board of Directors of Families in Global Transition (FIGT). She is a member of the International Association of College Admissions Counseling and Association of International Educators. Tina presents seminars and workshops at FIGT, international schools, colleges and universities, United Nations organizations, councils of international schools conferences, and various other organizations that support international students such as the Boston Coalition for International Students, International ACAC and NAFSA!


Tina works closely with colleges and universities, domestic and international schools. She writes e-newsletters for college counselors, expatriate women and relocation specialists. She enjoys doing radio interviews for expatriates listeners who want to learn more about raising their third culture kids.

Tina is a well-seasoned traveler and mother of three, adult daughters. She is an adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK) who, having made 18 moves (9 of them before her 10th birthday) understands well the cycle of loss and grief involved in a cross-cultural lifestyle. Tina has raised her own TCKs across four cultures and continents including Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

After spending 15 adult years abroad, Tina made a career change from nursing to cross-cultural trainer. Her time spent substitute teaching and coaching in the International School of Geneva endeared her to many students who continue to stay in touch. Their stories and others like them have ignited her passion to work with students before, during and after their college transitions.

Witnessing the struggles of students who haven’t learned how to live out the differences their international upbringing has created in them in a positive and fulfilling way has inspired her to create specialized training to suit their individual needs.

Click here for IFT’s list of “Services” for an idea of what is on offer.

International Family Transitions: (1) 781-439-8490

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